The favorite app to manage songs, playbacks and set lists.
Available for all your Windows 10 devices!

Sick of muddling around with your songs on paper?
Want to have your playbacks available everytime?
Need to manage various set lists for your gigs?

Focus on your Passion!

Music Sheets, Playbacks, Set Lists

Manage your songs, chord files and playbacks as well as set lists in one app.

Various File Formats

You can use the integrated chord file editor to write the chord files or add them from external files. From within the editor you can search for existing chord files on the internet. Or use the camera of your device to take pictures of printed music sheets.

Transpose Music Sheets

By using the own chord format of SongRepertoire (similar to ChordPro) you can transpose the songs easily.

Make Annotations

If your device supports a stylus you can use it to add annotations to files, to write tabs or music sheets based on the prepared empty templates.

Add Playbacks

Also add playbacks to your song or create them by yourself with the microphone of your tablet.

Share with Band Mates

Export your songs or full playlists and share the resulting file with other SongRepertoire users

AirTurn Support

Control SongRepertoire with AirTurn pedals. Scroll through your music sheet, switch between songs or start and stop playbacks. Full configurable!
Find more details in the AirTurn store

Control SongRepertoire Hands Free by using

AirTurn Pedals

Connect your AirTurn pedal with your tablet with Bluetooth.
Within SongRepertoire you can assign the needed functionality.
Scroll up or down through the selected music sheet, switch between the songs in your playlist or start and stop the actual playback.
Everything Hands Free!

Find more information about AirTurn pedals:

Turn Digital Pages and Control Apps Hands Free

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SongRepertoire for Windows 10

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